Oh Well! How to Get Your Well Ready for Freezing Days of Winter

If your water is supplied by a residential well, you know that winter can wreak havoc on your water supply. The last thing you want is to be without water for a few days because your well is frozen. Luckily, there are some steps you can take right now that will help you avoid problems associated with a frozen well. Before winter arrives, use the list provided below to make sure your well is ready for the onset of freezing weather.

3 Reasons Trusses Are Better Than Rafters

Rafters were used for many years when homes and other buildings were constructed. Nowadays, rafters are still sometimes used for building. Trusses are the better choice overall for different types of construction, though. 1. They Allow for Faster Building Building times make a difference. Rafters have to be built at the construction site and then installed on your home. Trusses, on the other hand, are typically built in a factory setting and are then delivered to the construction site.

Tips For Maintaining The Exterior Of Your Central Air Conditioner

When it comes time to maintain your central air conditioner, keeping the outside of the unit clean and maintained is as important as work done on the inside. If dirt or debris clogs up the exterior vents or fins, air flow into the unit is reduced and your unit will not work as efficiently. Use the following tips to help keep the exterior of your air conditioner maintained. Keep Surrounding Branches Trimmed

Benefits Of A Metal Garage Over A Wooden One

You want a garage that will last, and you want to love your private space. You want a garage that you can work in comfortably. Garages, including garage doors, are often designed out of either metal — aluminum or steel — or wood. If you can't decide which material will work best for you, discuss the following benefits of metal over wood with your construction contractor as you design your dream garage.

3 Considerations When Positioning And Installing An Air Conditioning Unit In Your Home

If your home is lacking a central air conditioning system, and you are determined to keep your home at the right temperature throughout the year, it is important that when you install an air conditioning unit, you make sure that it is positioned correctly. #1 Place the Thermostat Away from Sources of Heat The placement of your thermostat is very vital. Your thermostat reads the temperature in your home and determines based on the temperature you want your home to be if your system should be on or off.