Top 4 Holiday Fire Prevention Tips

The holidays are here, and it's time to eat good food and sit around the fire with family. Unfortunately, this is also the season for home fires. 30% of all home fires occur from December through February. To keep your family safe this holiday season, here are four fire protection tips: 1. Make sure your kitchen is properly equipped. If you're cooking for a large family this year, it's essential that you have fire safety equipment in your kitchen.

3 Reasons To Consider A Central Air Unit

Choosing the right air conditioning system to cool your home can be a bit difficult because there are a lot of different models on the market that can all benefit you in different ways. Below are just three great reasons to consider a central air unit over the other air conditioning systems. Energy Efficient While a central air unit may not seem like the most energy efficient option due to the size of the system, it can lower your energy consumption quite a bit when compared to a window-mounted unit.

Repair A Steel Garage Door That Has Holes In Its Surface

Moisture and oxygen can cause a steel garage door to rust, resulting in small holes throughout its surface. If your garage door looks neglected because of corrosion, learn how to repair it with the following steps. After you have finished, apply a coat of exterior paint to the door in order to shield the metal from additional damage. Materials rust dissolving spray emery cloth detergent sponge water hose lint-free cloth bonding filler for metal awl putty knife tack cloth exterior paint paint tray paint roller and frame Eliminate Rust And Clean The Door

2 Step Guide To Preparing Your Textured Plaster Walls For Repairs

If you have small holes or gouges in your textured plaster walls, you may decide you want to try to repair them. However, you may not know how to begin preparing for the task. If so, make your job a little easier by using the following two-step guide to prepare both the hole and the surrounding wall surface. Step 1:  Remove Any Loose Plaster From Within And Around The Holes

3 Tips To Jazz Up Your Metal Carport

Carports aren't known for being pretty, but they're handy for keeping your vehicle, lawn equipment and more safe from the elements. First of all, comparing carports and choosing the most attractive option will help ensure that you're happy with your purchase. However, you might still want to make improvements to the way that your carport looks. Luckily, following these tips can help you jazz up your carport so that it looks its best.