Building An Attached Garage? Reinforce And Create A Strong Foundation First

If you plan to attach a garage to the side of your home, you must build a strong foundation for it first. A garage can be a great asset to your home, but the room must be structurally sound from the ground up. If your new garage lacks support, it may not stand up to the test of time. Here are ways to create a strong foundation for your attached garage.

Reinforce Your Home's Interior and Exterior Walls

The first way to create a strong foundation for your attached garage is to strengthen your interior and exterior walls. The interior and exterior walls supporting your new garage must be strong enough to support, or bear, the structure's weight. If the walls are fragile and weak, they can't bear the extra weight placed on them by your new garage. You want to check the condition of your walls before you construct your garage.

The exterior wall you plan to build your garage next to should be free of termite damage, moisture, and other things that could make it unstable. The walls should also be clear of unnecessary pipes, electrical lines, and other fixtures you won't need for your garage. You can add the pipes and electrical fixtures you need for your garage during or after construction.

The interior wall, which supports the roof and ceiling, shouldn't sag or dip in places. If your interior walls sag, have a contractor reinforce them with support beams and other structures.

Now, you're ready to reinforce the foundation in your building site.

Use a Foundation Form

As with your house, your new garage needs a strong, supportive foundation to sit on, even if you plan to use cement as your base. If possible, have a construction company install foundation forms in the building site. Foundation forms generally consist of concrete reinforced with steel. Forms prevent structures from sinking or collapsing after construction.

If you already completed the digging for your garage, contractors can insert foundation forms inside the ground. Once contractors secure the forms with crossbars and other support fixtures, you can cover them with concrete. The concrete will create the floor slab, or base, for your garage.

Contractors can also use foundation forms to frame the base of your garage's floor. For the framework to be complete and successful, the forms must be straight and even on all sides. 

If you need a strong foundation for your new garage, ask a construction company about foundation forms today.