Running Out Of Room Inside Your Shower For Shampoo And Other Bottles? 2 Types Of Shelving You Can Install

You may be running out of room if you and your family use a lot of shampoo and other types of bottles that you keep in the shower. This can be very frustrating and make it difficult for you to keep your shower looking clean and organized. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help with this problem, such as installing shelving inside your shower. There are different types of shelving you can choose from, two of which are listed below.

Shower Shelves

One way to take control of everything in your shower is to install shelving. You can find shower shelves that are made of glass, ceramic, marble, or granite. Choose a type that will go well with the interior of your shower so the shelving blends in. You can choose the width of the shelves, for example, a shelf that runs along the entire length of your shower or a shelf that is smaller.

There are also shower shelves that are made of glass. Glass shelves are much easier to install, which makes them less expensive. Glass shelves also go well with any type of material used for your shower. A big benefit of glass shelving is that you can add more shelving later if you prefer. For example, your family may grow, and you will need even more storage. If you choose glass, make sure the clips and brackets match the interior of your shower. This will help the shelving blend in well with the shower.

Shower Niches

Another option you have is to install a shower niche. This type is more expensive as the installation takes longer when compared to installing shelves. The niche is installed in a corner of the shower, and you have a variety of tile options. This will allow you to choose a material that matches what you use for your shower.

A niche is completely built in, so it looks as if it came with the shower. If you choose this, make sure you choose how many shelves you want because it is impossible to add more shelves later unless you remove the niche and install a new one.

Talk with a glass shelving installer to learn more about the two types of shelving above. This professional can also go over the details of how the shelving will be installed in your shower. You can then schedule your appointment to get everything installed.