Don't Settle For A Settling Air Conditioner Pad

The condenser unit that helps power your home's air conditioning system is located outside your home. It is customary for the condenser to be installed on a concrete pad that will protect the unit against moisture saturation from the ground.

Unfortunately, the same concrete pad that is designed to protect your air conditioning system can become a threat when it begins to settle over time. A settling concrete pad will put unnecessary strain on the coolant lines connected to the condenser. You can repair a sinking concrete pad by using the following tips.

Determine the Extent of the Damage

The first step you need to take in addressing a sinking concrete pad is to determine the extent of the damage. Ideally, you will catch a settling concrete pad before it has a chance to significantly alter the position of your condenser unit.

Minor settling won't affect the condenser too much, and you can leave the unit installed while you complete your repairs. If your condenser is sitting at a steep angle or you notice a bend in the coolant lines, you will need to contact an HVAC specialist to disconnect the unit before you make repairs.

Salvage the Existing Pad

If minimal damage appears to have occurred as a result of the settling of the ground below your condenser pad, you can salvage the existing pad by leveling it out once again.

Work a long board below the settled end of the concrete pad. Once you have the board in place, have a couple of friends lift the concrete pad. This needs to be done gently to avoid causing further damage. You can use a couple of block jacks to support the weight of the pad while you level out the ground beneath with some sand. 

Pour a New Pad

After assessing the damage, you may discover that you are unable to salvage the existing pad. It is also possible for the pad to crack or buckle while you are attempting to lift it off the ground. A damaged concrete pad should always be replaced.

A concrete contractor can remove all of the old pad, frame out a new one, and pour fresh concrete near your home. The condition of the pad on which your condenser sits can have a significant impact on the performance and durability of your air conditioning system, so invest in a new pad if your old one is beyond saving.

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