3 Reasons Trusses Are Better Than Rafters

Rafters were used for many years when homes and other buildings were constructed. Nowadays, rafters are still sometimes used for building. Trusses are the better choice overall for different types of construction, though.

1. They Allow for Faster Building

Building times make a difference. Rafters have to be built at the construction site and then installed on your home. Trusses, on the other hand, are typically built in a factory setting and are then delivered to the construction site. Once they arrive, they can generally be installed immediately. This is a faster process that allows construction to be completed that much more quickly. You don't have to worry about waiting for the weather to be good enough for rafter construction, nor do you have to wait around on a carpenter or roofing professional to get the rafters built.

2. They're More Durable

Durability is essential when you're talking about construction materials that will be used to construct your home. Of course, well-built rafters can last for many years if they are well-built. Because they are built in a factory under ideal conditions, though, trusses are often even more durable. Even though the difference might not be major when your home or building is first built, you might notice that the trusses in your new home last for many years than rafters would have. Later on, this is probably a construction decision that you're going to be glad that you made.

3. They're More Convenient

The way that trusses are typically constructed make them more convenient both during building and after. Because the bottoms of trusses are usually open, this makes it easier for things like electrical wiring and insulation to be added after the fact. This saves on labor charges and helps even more with speeding up your home building project. It also makes getting work done on your new home a lot less stressful. Later on, after your home has been built, having repairs done will be easier with trusses than with traditional rafters as well, so trusses are something to consider if you're thinking about the future and the process of maintaining your home.

Trusses are the ideal roofing option for many homes. Don't just go with rafters just because they are the traditional choice. Instead, realize the benefits of trusses, and work with a truss roof construction company to have trusses built and installed on your new home or building.