Benefits Of A Metal Garage Over A Wooden One

You want a garage that will last, and you want to love your private space. You want a garage that you can work in comfortably. Garages, including garage doors, are often designed out of either metal — aluminum or steel — or wood. If you can't decide which material will work best for you, discuss the following benefits of metal over wood with your construction contractor as you design your dream garage.

Metal is durable

If you plan on using your garage to hang out in and have plans for adding a chimney or other heat source to stay warm in winter, then go with a metal garage. The reason why is that metal doesn't burn, or it doesn't burn as easily as wood does. Since metal is durable, you can use your garage more safely when you choose a metal garage design over a wooden one.

Metal doesn't rot

Wood rots over time due to moisture exposure. Wood is also susceptible to insect and rodent damage and parts of the wood garage will need to be replaced with time. Metal doesn't rot, although non-galvanized steel can be prone to rust or corrosion. For the most long-lasting garage material, talk to your contractor about metal over wood.

Metal is attractive

Like wood, metal can be painted. If you want a garage that adds curb appeal while allowing you to have a place to store your home's belongings or to use as a separate workshop or home gym, consider metal. Metal is streamlined in its appearance and can even be stamped to resemble natural stone or other textures to make your garage unique and attractive in its design.

You can install metal panels in your garage that are painted with stock colors, or you can paint your metal garage once you have the structure in place on your property. Your construction contractor can outsource a painter for you or you can do the work yourself. Some contractors feature painting as part of their services.

A metal garage is an addition to your property that you can use for a variety of purposes. Your contractor will help you choose the best size and style of the garage for your needs and budget. Once your metal garage is in place, you can use it as an additional office, storage space, or private shop, or you can use it to protect your vehicles and recreational equipment.