3 Considerations When Positioning And Installing An Air Conditioning Unit In Your Home

If your home is lacking a central air conditioning system, and you are determined to keep your home at the right temperature throughout the year, it is important that when you install an air conditioning unit, you make sure that it is positioned correctly.

#1 Place the Thermostat Away from Sources of Heat

The placement of your thermostat is very vital. Your thermostat reads the temperature in your home and determines based on the temperature you want your home to be if your system should be on or off.

You don't want to place the thermostat where it will be hit with direct sunlight. Sunlight can really throw off the reading of your thermostat. You also don't want to place the thermostat where it will get hit with heat from nearby sources, like near a stove or near a fireplace.

Place the thermostat on an interior wall that will not get hit by heat from other sources.

#2 Place Adequate Registries Throughout Your Home

In order to effectively cool your home, you need to make sure that you have enough registries. The registries are where the cool air from the system is pumped into your home. In small rooms, such as a regular-sized bedroom or a utility room, you should have at least once registry per room. For larger spaces, such as a big, open-concept kitchen or family room, you may need more than one registry per room.

All rooms in your home, even if they are small, should have at least one registry to ensure that adequate air is delivered to all rooms in your home.

#3 Be Strategic with the Condensing Unit

The condensing unit goes outside of your home, but you still need to think carefully about where you place it. You may not be able to hear it that well inside of your home, but you will be able to hear it when you are outside. Depending on where you place the unit, your neighbors may be able to hear it as well.

You can't silence the noise from your condensing unit, you but you should be mindful of where you place it. For example, you shouldn't place it right under a window to your home or right near your neighbor's window. If you know your neighbor loves to sit on their back patio in the evenings, you should not place it right next to their evening chill place. Try to find a location where the noise will not disturb you or your neighbor.

For more information, contact your local air conditioner installation service.