How Can You Tell When It's Time To Replace Crawl Space Waterproofing?

Water in a crawl space can be a nightmare for any homeowner. This water can be a serious health hazard and can cause serious structural damage to your house. Unfortunately, you may not quickly realize that you have a waterproofing problem in the crawl space until it's too late. However, there are signs that can warn you at some point that you have a water leakage problem.

A Bad Odor

Trust your nose when it comes to crawlspaces and water. If there is a musty smell or a damp odor in the crawl space, there's a good chance that water is finding its way into the crawl space. Even if there is no other sign, this should be enough for you to start looking for a waterproofing solution.


Regardless of what color the mold is, this type of fungus thrives in damp environs. Seeing mold in your crawl space should be a dead giveaway that there is dampness in there. Mold can cause respiratory issues and therefore you should find a solution as soon as possible.


This is the process of mineral deposits migrating through a porous material to its surface. The substance is usually carried by water through the material to the surface. When the water evaporates, it leaves a white, chalky residue behind on your walls. This is also a clear sign that water is finding its way into your home.

Cracked and Bowed Walls

If you notice cracks in your wall or if you notice the walls curving inwards, there's a high chance that you have a water problem. Cracks will widen as the problem becomes more serious. Cracks can, however, be repaired easily. Bowed walls can damage the whole foundation but can be corrected using a steel bracing.

Water Marks on the Walls

Water can leave stains on the walls and this usually means that the water is coming into the space from a level higher than the foundation. This is usually the result of grading errors or water could be coming in from an outside source.

Leave it to the Professionals

Water in the home is a fairly serious problem. If not handled correctly your whole house might become structurally unsound. Ask for professional waterproofing services, like those offered at places like Rite-Way Waterproofing, to get the best solution. Some solutions may not be usable in certain seasons -- like during periods of heavy rains. This is why expert help is important in choosing a solution.