A Look At Using Gravel To Make A Walkway On Your Property

Walkways add visual appeal to your property and they also provide a way to walk around your yard without trampling the grass. You can choose from various materials, but gravel is an excellent choice for a walkway because it's affordable and easy to install as a DIY project. Here's a quick look at how you can install a gravel walkway yourself.

The Materials You'll Need

If you'll need a large amount of gravel, you can probably have it delivered to your home. First, you'll want to lay out the walkway so you know how wide and long it will be. Give this information to the landscaping or construction supply company so they can calculate how much gravel you need.

You'll also want edging to place along the sides of the walkway to define it and hold the gravel in place. Landscaping fabric is also necessary, as this keeps weeds from popping up through the gravel. Finally, decide if you want a plain gravel walkway or if you want to create a walkway with stepping stones surrounded by gravel. You can use slate, concrete pavers, or any other stepping stone material you'd like if you want to customize your walkway.

The Process Of Installing A Walkway

The walkway should be level with your lawn, so you'll have to remove a few inches of soil so the gravel will be level once it is placed on the ground. This requires ripping up the grass and digging a path where you want the walkway to be. Then you need to cover the soil with landscape fabric and put down the edging. You may want to use stones, bricks, or wood beams for a straight walkway, or plastic edging for a curvy path. Now you're ready to place the gravel on the walkway. Dump it on and spread it around with a rake until it is level.

The Maintenance That's Required

While installing a gravel walkway yourself takes some elbow grease, it won't require too much ongoing maintenance. You don't have to worry too much about drainage when you install a gravel walkway, since rain seeps right down into the soil. You can keep your walkway looking its best by pulling out weeds as you see them, and leveling out the gravel when you see a low spot. The gravel may eventually get compacted into the soil, and when that happens you can simply add more gravel to the top and the walkway will look good as new.