How A Chain Link Fence Is Repaired After Storm Damage

If a storm knocks a big tree limb onto your chain link fence, you probably want the damage cleared away as quickly as possible so your dogs and kids are safe in the yard. However, you may put off fixing the fence because of the cost of replacing it. Fortunately, chain link fences are usually easy to repair. You may not need to replace the fence at all. This will save a lot of money since you'll only need to buy a few supplies. Here's a look at the steps to repairing your chain link fence when it's been damaged by a fallen tree limb.

Clear The Area Of Debris

While you can hire a fencing contractor to repair your chain link fence, you'll need to hire someone else to clear away the debris first. You may even be able to do it yourself if you have a saw and the limb is manageable. You'll want to drag away the limb and clean up any other debris that was blown against the fence so the contractor has plenty of room to work and won't have to waste time clearing leaves and branches out of the way.

Cut Out The Damaged Portion Of Fencing

If you have the necessary equipment and protective gear, you might be able to repair a chain link fence yourself. However, since you won't need to buy very many parts, the expense of repairs will mostly be for labor when you hire a contractor. That could make it affordable to let a professional do the job right. To begin, the wire fasteners that hold the chain link to the top rail must be removed in the damaged section. When this is done, the metal mesh falls away from the top rail. Then, the top rail can be cut out with a saw which removes the damaged portion from the fence.

Repair The Fence

You can buy a new top rail at a home improvement store or it can be supplied by the fencing contractor. It is sawed to fit the missing portion and the ends are inserted into the existing rail. The final step to repairing the fence is to stretch the mesh up to the rail and fasten it with wire ties. Wire ties are inexpensive, but you can save money by reusing the original ties if they weren't damaged by the tree limb. Once the mesh has been fastened, the fence is back to its original shape.

Repairing a chain link fence is a fairly easy job that goes fast. One of the benefits of this type of fencing is that it is easy to repair and usually won't sustain damage unless something drastic happens such as a tree falling on top of it.