5 Signs It's Time For You To Invest In A Monitored Fire Alarm

A monitored fire alarm is an alarm that is connected to a monitoring station. When the alarm detects smoke or a fire, it notifies a monitoring center. The staff at that facility then dispatch emergency responders to your home. Wondering if you should get a monitored fire alarm instead of the standard variety? Here are five signs that you should.

1. You Live Alone

When you live alone, you're always a little more vulnerable than you are if you live with multiple people. To explain, imagine a fire starts and there are multiple people in the home. It's likely that at least one person will wake up or notice the fire starting and let everyone else in the home know.

However, if you live alone, you may not notice that a fire starts. That could happen in a variety of situations—for example, maybe you took some medication, and you're sleeping so soundly that you don't notice the flames or the heat. In this case, a monitored fire alarm can help protect you.

Even if you don't wake up or, even worse, if you inhale the smoke, the emergency responders can pull you from the home when they arrive.

2. Your Pets Are Home Alone Often

Regardless of how many people live in your home, if you have pets, they are probably home alone at some point during the average week. If you have a standard fire alarm, imagine what would happen if your pets are home alone. Your pets won't be able to call for help, and, tragically, they may even be locked in the home while it burns.

Now, in contrast, imagine what would happen with a monitored system. The alarm alerts the monitoring station. The monitoring station then calls the first responders. They see a sticker on your window saying that you have pets, and, finally, they pull your pets to safety.

3. You Want Your Home to Have an Increased Rate of Survival

It's not just pets that may get rescued. Your home may also have an increased chance of survival. If you have a regular fire alarm and you are not home, your neighbors likely won't notice the fire until the flames are leaping off your house. By that point, your home may have experienced so much damage that it may even be unrepairable.

In contrast, with a monitored alarm, you get the authorities dispatched to your home, as explained above. They are likely to show up a lot earlier, and that decreases the amount of damage that occurs to your home.

4. You Want a Discount on Your Home Insurance

Home insurance covers your home in the event of major damage, theft, or accidents. When you put in place things that protect your home from these threats, your insurer may offer you a discount. For example, some home insurance companies offer a 15% discount for fire alarms and security systems.    

5. You Are Getting a Security System

You don't necessarily have to buy a monitored fire alarm on its own. Rather, you can get it as a combination deal with a security system. If you're thinking about investing in a home security system but you aren't sure what system to get, you may want to consider a monitored system paired with a monitored fire alarm.

That gives your entire home an extra layer of security, and in most cases, it's cheaper to combine these purchases. Additionally, in some cases, you can even roll a medical alert system into the mix. Some companies will even offer a free basic system in exchange for monitoring, but you can upgrade the system as desired.  

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