5 Ways to Prepare for Excavations on Your Property

Clearing large amounts of land on your property can be more easily done when you rent an excavator instead of using a shovel. Just be sure that you take the time to prepare yourself for the upcoming project by doing these five things first.

Have a Consultation with the Rental Company

Even if you have some experience using an excavator, be aware that you might require a different kind of excavator for each project. Having a representative from the excavator rental company walk around with you can give you the guidance you need to choose a suitable machine for your needs.

Ask About Required Permits

Before the machine even arrives at your house, it's smart to drive or walk over to the permits office in your city or township. They might require you to complete an application for the excavation work you're hoping to do. It is tempting to ignore this task, but doing so can ultimately lead to fines you'll be responsible for.

Call Utility Companies

To make sure that you don't hit an underground cable belonging to your electric company or any other hidden utility lines, call the companies directly. They will have someone mark any underground lines so you can keep the machine away from them.

Use a Pipe Locator

Underground utility lines aren't the only thing you'll have to worry about when you are ready to dig with an excavator. You will also need to have a pipe locator in hand to look for any signs that your plumbing pipes are in the area you need to dig. If you don't do this vital check, you could very well hit one of the pipes that lead into your house, and that could cause big problems for your family. Purchasing a pipe locator can be rather costly, so you might want to rent one or speak to a contractor in the area about doing this task.

Mark Your Path with Chalk or Flags

When you're in the excavator itself and ready to start digging, it's not enough to have a vague idea of where you want to dig if you hope to avoid disturbing more soil than necessary. To be sure that you're only digging within a certain area, outline the space with spray chalk or use flags to mark the path.

With these tips, you should be more than ready to use your rented excavator to move soil for your particular project. If you want the job done with professional skill, talk more with local contractors such as Spearhead Locating Services Inc. about how they can do some or all of this work for you.