Can Moss Damage Your Roof?

Moss doesn't grow on all roofs, but on rooftops where moss can grow, this soft green growth can overtake the shingles and make problems for homeowners. Understanding the impact that moss can have on your roof and what you can do about it can help you take care of your home.

Can moss damage your roof?

Moss does not present an immediate threat to your roofing, but over time it can do damage. Moss holds moisture against your roof, preventing shingles from drying after a rain storm. Over time, a thick growth of moss can lead to the deterioration of your shingles. If this goes on long enough, the wood beneath your shingles may be susceptible to rot, mold, water damage, and pest infestation.

What causes moss to grow on your roof?

Moss grows in areas where the conditions are right. It prefers to grow in places that have high levels of moisture and little direct sunlight. Moss is a common problem in wooded areas of the country where rainfall is heavy throughout the year. Moss is likely to grow on shady, tree-filled properties. 

What can you do if moss is growing on your roof?

If moss is growing on your roof, you can prevent the deterioration of your roof and shingles by removing the moss. To do this, you'll need a long-handled scrub brush and a bucket of warm water with bleach. Using oxygen bleach will help protect the landscaping plants growing around the perimeter of your house.

Use the long-handled brush to scrub your shingles. The safest way to do this is to stand on a ladder at the bottom of the roof and use the scrub brush to pull down the moss from the shingles. Do not rub up against the shingles, as this can cause damage to the shingles. After removing the moss, spray down the roof with a strong jet of water from a hose. Repeat this process if necessary.

What can you do to prevent moss from growing on your roof again in the future?

You can prevent moss growth from returning by limiting the amount of moisture and shade on your roof. Cutting down overhanging branches will help your roof dry more quickly after rain storms and will also allow more sunlight to hit your shingles. Removing debris that falls onto your roof can also help your roof stay dry.

For more information about how you can protect your home's roof from moss growth, talk to a roofer in your area, such as Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc.