Water Keeps Entering Your Basement? Learn Why It Happens And How To Stop It

If water keeps entering your basement every time it rains and nothing you do stops it, you may wonder if there's anything else you can do to repair the problem. Sometimes, basements develop leaks in places you may never think to look, including in and around the room's cove and cold joints, though these two joints can become damaged or worn over time. One of the things you can do to solve your basement's problems is install a French drain system around the home's foundation. Here are more things to know about cove and cold joints and what you can do to keep water from entering your basement.

What Are Cove Joints and Why Do Cold Joints Leak?

Cove joints describe the areas between the basement's flooring and its walls. The joints generally feature a layer of rubber or vinyl base over them, but the material can deteriorate with age. If you haven't checked and maintained the base in a while, the deterioration can allow water to pass inside the basement when it puddles around the foundation or soaks into the soil. 

Cold joints describe the areas or seams between new and old concrete. If you remodeled your basement in the past, you may have added a new layer of concrete to the walls to improve their appearance. You can also create cold joints when you patch damaged concrete with new concrete. If the seams crumble or pull apart, water can seep between them, run down the walls and cover the flooring.

You may consider patching or filling in the joints to solve your leaking water problem, but it may not be a good idea. The main problem may be located on the outside of the house instead.

How Can You Keep Water Out of Your Basement?

Water can enter a basement for several reasons, including poor soil drainage. Repairing the cove and cold joints may only provide temporary relief from the invading water if you don't secure the soil around the basement with a proper drainage system. The water outside the home may be strong enough to push through the repaired joints in the future. Installing a French drain system around the base of the basement may be a better idea. 

A French drain system allows water to drain or flow away from your basement to the city streets or to a distant location in the yard. Contractors will generally dig a long trench around the basement to install the system. The system connects to a drainage pipe placed inside or beneath the basement. Instead of traveling to the basement, water drains inside the trench and leaves through the pipe. Your basement stays dry and safe.

For more information about keeping water out of your basement, contact a French drain contractor like one from Perma-Dry Waterproofing & Drainage, Inc. today.