Ideas For Designing An Easy To Clean Bathroom

If you're upgrading or overhauling a bathroom or installing an entirely new one from scratch, taking the time to think ahead about its ease of cleaning and maintenance can prevent lots of headaches and hassles down the road.

According to the folks at Martha Stewart Living, you should aim to clean your bathroom fixtures, like the toilet and tub, once a week, and any grout should get a good scrub once a month. If you're looking to design a bathroom that's as easy as possible to maintain, consider the following tips.

1. Install floating appliances. Toilet and cabinets come in designs that can be wall mounted, making it easy to clean underneath them. With nothing in the way, mopping the entire floor is a cinch. It also creates fewer crevices where moisture, dust and mildew can gather, not to mention fewer hiding places for pests.

2. Choose dark grout. If you'd like to have tiles but want to keep your bathroom lower maintenance, consider using darker tiles and grout. Stains are less noticeable on darker grout, making it easier to keep it looking like new. Even a light gray grout will be easier to maintain than brilliant white. And dark tiles won't show every speck of dirt and dust.

3. Skip the grout altogether. You can avoid the onerous chore of scrubbing and bleaching grout if you don't have it in the first place. Rendered concrete is one alternative to traditional tiles. A custom enclosed shower of all glass also lets you skip the tile and grout on the walls. Simply spray and wipe the glass and forget all about moldy seams between tiles.

4. Install a freestanding tub. A streamlined free-standing bathtub allows you to easily clean all around it. You'll avoid the moisture-collecting nooks and creases that you have to deal with when the tub is pressed against a wall. A tub that's flush to the ground instead of up on claw feet bypasses the need to clean underneath an awkward space.

5. Insist on seamless surfaces. A seamless counter top with the sink built in will be easier to maintain. Without any cracks and crevices to trap moisture and grime, cleanup will be a breeze.

6. Allow for adequate ventilation. Everyone wants to keep mold out of the bathroom, which can be a challenge in such a small room that's regularly exposed to water and steam. Install a ventilation fan or a window that can open to allow for air exchange with the outdoors. Not having to battle mold and mildew will save you lots of time.