3 Reasons To Consider A Central Air Unit

Choosing the right air conditioning system to cool your home can be a bit difficult because there are a lot of different models on the market that can all benefit you in different ways. Below are just three great reasons to consider a central air unit over the other air conditioning systems.

Energy Efficient

While a central air unit may not seem like the most energy efficient option due to the size of the system, it can lower your energy consumption quite a bit when compared to a window-mounted unit. Sure, the window-mounted unit seems like it would be more energy efficient due to its smaller size, but you have to consider the fact that a single window-mounted unit is insufficient for cooling an entire home.

Window-mounted units are intended to cool one room, so multiple units are going to be required to cool an entire home. So, while a central air unit will most likely use more energy than a single window-mounted unit, it will be more energy efficient when compared to the use of the multiple window-mounted units that it would take to match the central air unit's cooling power and reach.


Another issue that is going to come up with a window-mounted air conditioner is that it is quite inconvenient. A window-mounted unit is inconvenient because it will be taking up one of your windows for every unit that is installed. Since the window-mounted unit is blocking the window, you will not really be able to open the window to air out the room or enjoy the fresh air. 

In addition, a window-mounted unit can actually be quite loud because it is located in the room with you, which means that the air conditioner can make it harder to hear your television or music without raising the volume quite a bit. However, you can avoid both of these issues with a central air unit because the entire unit will be located outside of your home.

Home Buyer Appeal

Finally, a central air conditioning system is going to be a much better choice if you choose to sell your home in the future. Many prospective home buyers are not going to want to spend additional money installing a central air system after buying a house, so a home with a central air system will be more appealing to them and make them more likely to place an offer on your home. In some cases, a central air system can even increase the appraised value of your home so that you can list your home for more.

Speak to a contractor, like those represented at http://www.cblucashvac.com, today in order to discuss if a central air unit is the right choice for your home. A central air unit is a great option because it can appeal to potential home buyers while also being more convenient and energy efficient than window-mounted units.