Repair A Steel Garage Door That Has Holes In Its Surface

Moisture and oxygen can cause a steel garage door to rust, resulting in small holes throughout its surface. If your garage door looks neglected because of corrosion, learn how to repair it with the following steps. After you have finished, apply a coat of exterior paint to the door in order to shield the metal from additional damage.


  1. rust dissolving spray
  2. emery cloth
  3. detergent
  4. sponge
  5. water hose
  6. lint-free cloth
  7. bonding filler for metal
  8. awl
  9. putty knife
  10. tack cloth
  11. exterior paint
  12. paint tray
  13. paint roller and frame

Eliminate Rust And Clean The Door

Apply rust dissolving spray to visible rust spots on the door. Wait a few minutes for it to permeate the door's surface. Move a tack cloth back and forth over each spot that was sprayed. This type of tool works well on areas that are not level and can be used to sand small grooves in the doors surface. Once all of the rust has been eliminated, clean the door's surface with soapy water and rinse it off with a water hose. Use a lint-free cloth to dry the door if you plan on making repairs right away and do not want to wait for the door to dry on its own. 

Fill The Holes

Use a bonding filler that is designed for metal to repair the holes in the steel door. Mold small amounts of the filler in between your fingers and use an awl to assist with pressing some of it into each hole. Use the flat part of a putty knife to smooth out any excess filler that is on the door's surface. Wait for the filler to harden. Some brands of filler may take longer than others to dry, so read the instructions on the package that you have purchased to learn the recommended amount of time to wait.

Once the filler has dried, lightly sand each repaired area until they are level with the rest of the door. Use a tack cloth to remove any dust from the door's surface.

Add A Coat Of Paint To The Door

Pour a can of exterior paint into a paint tray. Use a paint roller and roller handle to apply the paint to the door. Select one corner of the door to begin in and move the roller across the metal surface as evenly as possible. Wait several hours for the paint to dry. The garage door will look newer and improve the appearance of your property. The steel will be protected from corrosion as long as the paint remains damage-free.

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