How To Design A 'Coming Soon' Sign

Construction sites can sometimes be areas of mystery. You might be walking by construction on a new building or renovation of an old building to get it ready for a new business and not know what kind of store is going in. One way to increase interest in your construction site and the business that you are constructing in general is to post a "coming soon" sign that lets people know what's going to be in the location within the next few months. Here are some tips for piquing a passerby's interest in your construction site by creating an effective "coming soon" sign.

1. Make it Themed

One option for making an effective "coming soon" sign is to make it themed. You could make the sign look like a movie theater that is advertising a coming attraction in order to hit the part of people's brains that like movies and show how clever your business is. You could also use what the business does or sells in order to create a sign. For example, if the business that is moving into the area where you are constructing sells cameras, you could make a sign that says that the business will be "there in a flash," with a camera bulb flash on the sign. This will cement the idea into passing people's heads that they will soon be able to purchase cameras from this location.

2. Keep it Simple

Another option is to make a simple sign that is in a color in the business' color scheme. Talk to the business that is moving in and see what their color scheme is. Choose a color that will contrast heavily with black or white, since you will be using black or white for the text and you want your sign to be easily readable. If you want to use black text, choose a light color and if you want to use light text, use a dark color. Once you have a color selected, simply write the name of the company in the center of your sign. This will cause people to use search engines to look up what the company is and what it does.

3. Give a Contact Number

Finally, give a way for people to connect with the business and with your construction site before the business arrives. Put an area at the bottom of each sign that has the number of the business and the number of your construction company clearly labeled. This will allow people to interact directly with the company and the construction site.

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