Blacktop Sealcoating | A Business Owner's Guide

If you want to get the most return out of your business's parking lot, it is no big secret that sealcoating must be a part of your regular maintenance schedule. Sealcoating a parking lot keeps moisture from making its way into pores and crevices that cause faster erosion and breakdown, and it keeps the parking area looking well-maintained and ready for business. Even though it's a necessary part of routine maintenance, some business owners are unfamiliar with sealcoating and what it involves. Here are a few of the most frequent questions about sealcoating a business parking area. 

How often should you have the parking area sealcoated?

You should have your business parking area sealed about once a year to keep it looking good and free of damages and cracks. However, the specific timeframe you should follow will heavily rely on how much traffic you have on your parking lot and the weather conditions of your location. It is best to familiarize yourself with signs that your parking area needs to be sealcoated, such as a dull appearance, crocodile cracking across the surface, or pitting. You can limit this damage by restricting vehicles with heavy loads from entering your lot.

Will sealcoating also involve restriping the lot?

Any time you have your parking area sealcoated by a professional, you will also have to have it restriped and newly painted markings added. This is because the asphalt sealer is solid in color and will cover any existing paint markings. However, many professional sealcoating companies include the costs of new stripes and markings in their sealcoating price since they already have all of the necessary equipment to handle the task. 

What time of year should the parking area be sealcoated?

It is best to have the parking area sealed during warmer weather so that the curing process does not take longer than necessary. Therefore, most sealcoating is performed in the spring and summer months of the year. However, technically, sealcoating can be done in even mild or cool temperatures, it would only require a little more drying time. Additionally, the task will need to be done during a period of dry weather. 

Keeping your parking area well maintained and aesthetically appealing is all about the appropriate level of maintenance and special attention to sealcoating. If you have additional questions about keeping your parking area looking its best for the long term, talk to a sealcoating professional, like ASAP Asphalt Sealing & Paving Co., for more information and advice.