Quieting Your Garage Door For Good: 6 Possible Causes Of Noise

Have you noticed your garage door opening louder than usual lately? Perhaps you live in a condo and the neighbor has been complaining that your door is causing a disturbance in their home. No matter the case, you likely want to put a stop to the loud sound of your garage door. The issue could be a number of things, but these are the common culprits.


Most garage door specialists will tell you that vibration is the most common cause of garage door loudness. As steady as it may be, the steel framework of the opener does vibrate, causing other items to follow suit. This includes the drywall of your home, making the noise even more apparent. The motor mounts are insulated by rubber pads and aren't meant to absorb vibration. Your garage door specialist may apply additional rubber to fix the problem.

Wiggling Bolts

Eventually, the bolts attached to your garage door will become loose. As this happens, the vibration of the motor becomes more intense. Sometimes all your garage needs is a quick tightening to take care of the problem, but this should be left to a professional. Overtightening the bolts can lead to other problems.

Metal Rollers

Garage doors use metal rollers along the track, but the track offers room for movement. As the door opens or closes, a loud rattling sound may occur. These rollers may require replacement, and there are even rollers made out of materials like nylon or plastic that are quieter.


Some of the noise caused by a garage door is the result of dry parts. A bit of lubrication can help ease the parts and quiet the sounds. Those springs and hinges might eventually clear up with a bit of help on your part.


With several types of garage door openers to choose from, many homeowners opt for the most affordable one. Unfortunately, these chain openers can be noisy and require frequent lubrication. Perhaps it is time to consider a new garage door altogether, replacing a chain with a belt drive for quiet performance.

Lack of Balance

Unfortunately, garage doors are easily thrown off balance. They can be noisy, leading to lack of function altogether. That noise could be a very annoying cry for help.

Your garage door is a complex setup that may require building permits for repairs. Call a professional garage door repair company like Dependable Overhead Doors to ensure that your needs are handled with care.