4 Ways To Secure Your New Home

If you are planning no moving into a new home, it is essential that you keep your safety and security in mind. Do not rely solely on the security measures the previous tenants used. Make the following adjustments to the home's security.

Install New Locks

While you may be aware of the importance of changing the locks when moving into a new home, it is actually better to install new locks altogether. This allows you to have the best locks available on the market today. Talk to a local locksmith, like those at San Pedro Lock & Key, about the most secure type of deadbolt lock, such as having a double-cylinder deadbolt installed. Not only does it prevent any previous tenants from gaining entry into your home, but you know you have the best door security available. It also helps if the locks on the door are old and worn.

Change the Garage Door Opener Code

You should also take the time to change the code on your garage door opener if it has one. Many newer garage door openers have electronic access codes near the door, as well as on the door opener remote. Even if the landlord or real estate agent claimed to have changed it after the previous tenants moved out, it is still a good idea to change it yourself to a code you and your family members will remember. Also be sure to change this code every couple months, as well as after a roommate moves out and if you have reason to believe someone caught a glimpse of what the code is.

Check All the Windows

You should also check the security of all windows in your home. Test each window by opening and closing it, and testing the lock. If any windows have damaged panes or locks that don't work properly, now is the time to fix them. Don't put it off as this could put your new home in jeopardy. Take the time to get all of the windows fixed, whether that means having new window locks installed or getting repairs done to the window panes and frames. When you are checking the windows, also test the sliding glass doors and their locks.

Get a Motion Sensor Installed

Finally, if the previous tenant did not have one, have a motion sensor installed. This doesn't have to be a loud alarm if that disturbs your neighbors. Instead, simply have a light installed on your front and back porch that goes on if someone comes close to the door. That way, it will deter an intruder since you will know instantly if they are close to your home.