Interested In A Foreclosed Home But Afraid Of Water Damage In The Basement? Find The Real Cause Of The Flooding

Purchasing a foreclosed home is a great way to save money when buying a home, but signs of water damage in the basement can be concerning. If you can see there are water marks around the basement walls, or the basement has been gutted because of water damage, talk with a home inspection contractor and a water damage restoration company.

A lot of foreclosed properties are going to be sold as is, so the bank isn't going to fix anything wrong with the property, but there may not actually be a flooding problem within the home. There could be some other issues that caused the flood in the basement.

No Power

If the home was foreclosed on, the property owner probably didn't continue paying the electricity bill after they were evicted. If the sump pump only had an electrical hookup, and didn't have an alternative power source, that could have been why the basement flooded. Under normal circumstances, the basement may not have been wet at all.

Clogged Lines

Sump pump pipes that lead outside of the home can get clogged by dirt and debris. If there is water in the pipes and the temperature drops below freezing, it can cause the pipe to freeze up and water can't get out. The ice can also expand and break the pipe. This can cause water pushed out from the sump pump to come back into the basement, and that could have been the problem.

Faulty Pump

The sump pump in the home may not have worked fast enough, or at all. If it wasn't working correctly, or couldn't keep up with melting snow or heavy rains, and no one was there to notice, that may be how the basement flooded. The home inspector can test the power, how the pump works, and look at the lines to see what the exact problem was.

The home inspection contractor can tell you if the flooding was due to poor house design or backfill, or if it was something that could have been easily avoided. If it's something that could have been avoided, you could still buy the home without worrying about potential flooding.

You'll want to have a water damage restoration company come into the property once you have purchased it to remove any lingering mold that could be in the space, and to clean the foundation and the walls. Once the basement has been professionally cleaned, apply a waterproofing agent and make sure the sump pump is working.