Four Simple Repairs You Can Do To The Windows And Doors In Your Home

The windows and doors in your home can be the cause of a lot of energy loss. Some times this can be due to the simple fact that they need to have some simple repairs done to them. You may want to contact a window service for some of the more complicated repairs like replace panes of glass. There are also some repairs you will be able to do yourself. Here are four repairs that you may want to do to the windows and does in your home yourself:

1. Replacing The Springs In Window Sashes

Most windows and doors have sashes, which have springs or tracks in them. Usually, these can easily be replaced. You will just need to remove the old springs, which will snap out with a flat screwdriver if they are vinyl. If they are wood or metal, they will be held in place with a couple of screws, which you will need to remove to take them out. Once they are out, you can take them to a window service to see if they can be repaired or if you can get new ones. If you cannot find the springs that match your windows, you can contact a window repair service, and they can provide you with what you need, or repair them for you.

2. Changing The Locks And Hardware On Doors

The hardware on doors and windows is easy to change and can improve your home. You can replace things like locks and handles on doors when they break or need to be replaced. Usually the locks on windows only have a couple of screws in them, and it is just a question of removing the locks and taking them to the hardware store to get the right replacements for them. Door locks are also easy to change, and you will just need to replace them with new ones. When you do this, you may want to add insulated padding to exterior door hardware, which will help to stop air leaks in your home.

3. Replacing Old Worn Out Weather Stripping On Windows And Doors

One of the most common repairs that you will need to do to windows and doors is replace the weather stripping. You can get new weather stripping from any hardware store. You can take a putty knife and remove the old weather stripping. If there is any glue left behind, use rubbing alcohol to remove it. Use a construction adhesive to apply the new weather stripping, or use one of the newer products that have adhesive backing on them.

4. Re-caulking The Exterior Of The Windows In Your Home

The windows and doors around your home also need to have caulking around them. This protects your home from the elements and prevents air leaks. You will want to remove the old caulking with a knife, and then add new caulking with a caulk gun. This is something that can be done when you are painting windows and doing other repairs around your home.

These are some of the simple repairs to windows and doors you can do on your own. If you need to have any major repairs done to the windows and doors in your home, contact a window repair service such as Sun Window & Door to provide you with the repairs you need to have done.