The Advantages Of Installing Hurricane Windows

Just the name "hurricane windows" tell you that they are designed for homes in areas that have frequent high winds and severe weather conditions. These windows are very strong and durable and can withstand the power of even strong hurricanes. However, this is not the only advantage of installing them in your home. In fact, many homeowners who do not live in hurricane areas enjoy the benefits that these windows provide. These are some of the other advantages of installing hurricane windows in your home.

More Energy Efficiency

When hurricane windows are installed, they are sealed and insulated very tightly. This helps prevent air from coming in around the windows. Your home will be easier to heat and cool since these windows seal leaks. Hurricane windows can actually help you save money in the long run by cutting back on your heating and cooling costs.

Theft Protection

Since hurricane windows are designed to withstand strong winds without breaking, this also makes it nearly impossible for a burglar to break them. These windows tolerate sudden hits with blunt force which can give you the peace of mind that your belongings are locked securely inside your home.

Safer for Children

Hurricane windows are also safer for homes with young children. If a child attempts to break a window from the inside, this is very difficult for him to do.  In the rare instance that the glass does break, it will remain inside the frame and does not shatter. This prevents your child from being cut or severely injured by the broken glass.

Home Insurance Discounts

Many homeowners insurance companies give substantial discounts on the cost of insurance premiums for homes that have hurricane windows installed. This is due to the fact that your home is more secure from destruction by both theft and severe weather conditions.

With the money you will save on home insurance and your utility bills, these windows are well worth the cost of having them installed. Over time, the savings you receive will more than pay for the initial cost of installation.

The advantages that come with installing hurricane windows make them suitable for any location. Those who live in colder climates will find their homes are warmer and those who live in hot climates will find their homes are cooler. The thickness of these windows helps keep both cold winter wind and extreme heat from the sun from entering your home.