Trying To Decide On New Flooring For Your Home? Here's Why You Should Consider Polished Concrete

If you plan to put in new flooring when you renovate your home, you should think about going with polished concrete. These floors are gaining in popularity because they look great and offer advantages over other types of flooring. Here are some reasons you should consider polished concrete floors.


If you love gleaming floors that brighten your home, you'll love the look of polished concrete. Concrete floors are made from a mixture of cement and bits of stone such as granite chips or river rocks. Once the floor is poured in and hardened, it is polished with various grades of grit. The finer the grit, the shinier the finished floor. This allows you to choose the amount of shine you want.

Concrete floors can be made any color too. Pigments can be added during the mixing process before the floor is poured, or paint can be applied after. This allows you a lot of freedom when decorating your home. You can choose any color and design you want on your floor.


Concrete floors are good for the environment too, because they eliminate the need to install a wood subfloor and add vinyl or carpet to your home. If your home is on a slab, a contractor can polish the slab itself and reduce the amount of building materials you need. A radiant heating system can also be built into the slab, so you don't have to worry about the floor being chilly on your feet.

These floors are also beneficial for maintaining good air quality in your home. This could be important if you have allergies. They won't hold onto dust mites or pollen since there are no fabric loops, grooves, or seams where they can collect.

Easy To Clean

Polished concrete is very easy to keep clean. Just run a dust mop over it every few days and mop it with warm, soapy water once a week. Dusting is important, so you remove bits of sand that would grind into the surface as you walk on them. When you mop, be sure to choose a cleaner made for polished concrete as these are non-acidic. Dilute the cleaner according to the directions on the product, because if you use too much, it might leave a film behind that dulls the shine of your floor.

Since these floors are so easy to keep clean, they are ideal if you have pets in your home. Pet hair and dander are easily removed with a damp mop, and muddy paw prints wipe off easily.

Polished concrete flooring has all these benefits, and they are not too expensive. The cost ranges from $2 per square foot up to $15 per square foot depending on if you want a simple polished floor, or one that is marbled for a more luxurious effect.

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