Games To Play When Your Heat Goes Out

If your heater has stopped working and you have kids, there are some fun ways you can keep warm while you wait for the heater repair person to come out and fix the issue for you. By playing certain games you can have a great time with your children and warm things up a bit for all of you. If you've found yourself without heat, try some of the following activities:

Make a tent in the living room

You can get your kids to gather a bunch of blankets, sheets and pillows. Bring them all into the living room and make a big tent for all of you to camp out in for the night. You can make the tent by draping the sheets over pieces of furniture and tying corners together as needed.

Once the tent is made you want to drag all of the blankets and pillows inside of it. You can also bring in board games, cards or a TV. You and the kids can sleep in the tent and pretend you're having a camp out. Not only is this a lot of fun, but it is also a great way to stay warmer when your heat is out and the house is getting cold inside.

If you have children old enough, you can turn off the lights in the house, bring flashlights into the tent and tell spooky ghost stories to make things more entertaining while you try to get warm.

Play a game of hide and seek in the house

You can play hide and go seek in the house with your kids to get warmer. When you play hide and go seek you will be hiding in small spaces and this will help you feel warmer. Also, when you get out of your hiding space to run to safety, you'll be heating up your core by moving around. While you play, you won't be thinking about how chilly it is in the house and simple distraction can be a big help when it comes to passing time while waiting for the repair person.

Play Physical games

You can play games like charades to have fun and warm things up. When you play games that require movement and concentration you will feel much warmer. You'll be warming your body with the movement, but you'll also be staying warmer because you'll be concentrating on something and not thinking about the coolness of the house.

When you play games to stay warm you'll have so much fun you'll almost be sorry to see the heat come back on, almost.