How to Repair a Window Screen

A torn screen may be preventing you from opening up your window on warm days. Repair the screen in a few simple steps so that you are able to get some fresh air without having to worry about insects flying into your home. The directions are listed below.

Purchase These Materials

  • screen material
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • thread
  • needle
  • tape

Measure the Area for the Replacement Piece

Purchase your replacement screen material from a hardware store or home improvement center. The material that it is made out of should be similar to the type used for the original screen. Also, make sure that the openings on the screen are the same size as those of the original screen. This will allow you to match up both pieces, making it simple to attach them.

Measure the length and width of the damaged area. Add a small amount to this, so that the repair will be made a little bit past the torn area. As a result, you will be able to cut out a piece of replacement screen that has straight edges. 

Attach The New Piece

Cut out the replacement section with scissors. Tape it to the original screen. Line up the holes before attaching the two pieces. Thread a needle with thread that is the same color as the screen. A standard sewing needle will be strong enough to pull the thread through both sections of screen.

Start from the backside of the screen. Pull your needle up through both pieces. Insert your needle into the next hole and pull it through to the other side, making sure that both pieces remain connected. Continue stitching the new section of screen until it is attached to the original screen. Move the tape over when you get ready to stitch the areas where it has been placed. 

Finish Off The Piece Of Thread

Slide the needle through the backside of a couple stitches. When you are ready to end off the thread, slide it through the backside of one more stitch, but do not pull the thread all of the way through, insert the needle through the looped section that is formed after you thread the needle under the stitch. Pull the thread tight and cut the end with scissors.

Remove the tape that was holding the two pieces together. The repair will prevent any foreign materials or insects from getting inside of your home. You will be able to open your window whenever you would like and the screen will keep your home guarded. For further assistance with window or screen repairs, talk to professionals such as Glass Impressions.