3 Reasons To Upgrade From A Flat Roof To A Low-Pitched Metal Roof

If you're tired of dealing with leaks from your flat rubber roof, it might be time to get a new type of commercial roof. Flat roofs are known for leaking, and one of the main reasons for this is due to a lack of slope. Replacing a flat roof with a low-pitched metal roof is one option you have, and here are three benefits this option offers.

No More Leaks

Metal roofs can last for 20 to 40 years, or even longer, and they require very little maintenance. Metal is not only a durable material for roofs, but it will also help stop the leaks you have been dealing with.

By adding a slight pitch to the roof, the water will naturally flow downwards and off the roof. This is one way metal roofs stop leaks from occurring, but they also stop leaks because the metal is installed in panels. Because of this, there are fewer seams in the roof, and you will probably never again have to worry about having leaks.

It Creates a Building Envelope

The second thing to consider with this option is the space you will create under the slope. With a flat roof, the roofing materials are directly above the roof of the building. When you create a pitched roof, you open up space between the roof of the building and the top of the actual roof. This space is called a building envelope.

You can use the building envelope to improve the energy efficiency of your building by:

  • Adding insulation to this area—insulation is designed to stop air flow. By adding more, your building may stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Improving the ventilation system—this space also gives you the opportunity to improve the ventilation. The roofers can add vents to the roof, and this will allow the air to flow through this space as needed. You could even install a fan in this space to keep the air flowing.

You Will Save Money

Not only will creating a building envelope help you reduce energy costs, but the metal roofing materials might also contribute to helping you save money. According to Metal Roofing Alliance, having a metal roof could help you save up to 40% on energy costs because metal deflects the heat from the sun.

If you want a solution that is virtually maintenance-free and that helps you save money, talk to a contractor that offers commercial roofing services about upgrading to a low-pitched metal roof.