Add Work Zones In Your Kitchen Design

Your kitchen is typically broken up into three work zones – food preparation, cooking and cleanup. However, according to Better Homes and Gardens, specialty workstations are the new way to go in kitchen design. Whether you're building a new home or remodeling your current kitchen, add specialty work zones to your plan.

Coffee Bar

One of the appeals of the café is that all your coffee essentials are displayed for easy access. If you are a coffee aficionado, have a coffee bar built into your kitchen.

Design the space around your coffee machine, whether it's a simple drip coffee maker, an elaborate barista machine or an appliance built into your wall. For ease of cleaning, have the area near the coffee maker tiled. Include a counter on which you store your coffee, sugar, flavorings and mugs. If space is limited, have a pull-out counter installed for when you're mixing your cup of java.

Baking Station If you're a baker, you know having a space dedicated to this activity is a luxury. However, this specialty workstation can be accommodated with a kitchen island or in a space no larger than a china cabinet.

In fact, if you have more wall than floor space, think about having a baking station installed into your wall. Start with a granite countertop large enough for kneading or rolling out dough – the granite is smooth and easy to clean. Talk to a company like Kitsap Kitchen & Bath Co. for help with getting the perfect countertop. Have shelves built above the countertop to store your mixing bowl, spices, canisters and other baking essentials. Below the countertop, have shelves built into your cabinets to make items easy to find. If desired, include accordion doors to hide the station when it's not in use.

Mini Bar Coffee and cookies are all well and good, but sometimes only an adult beverage will do. Don't hide your wine or tequila bottles in a cabinet – design a mini bar worthy of the cocktail you're pouring.

If you're a wine connoisseur, the mini bar starts with a wine refrigerator. Select a built-in model or one that doubles as furniture. Otherwise, have a mini refrigerator installed to store your favorite mixers and garnishes. In this case, consider having a small sink and built-in trash cabinet added to the design.

Above the mixing station, have glass shelves and a wine glass rack installed. Place your finest liquors on the shelves – think top shelf at your favorite lounge – and slide your stemware into place.

Whether you're into coffee, cakes or cocktails, specialty workstations reflect your lifestyle. These stations include all the essentials for specialty tasks, from preparation to cleanup. Have your kitchen designed with your work habits in mind.